Enterprise-ready WordPress Deployments Transitioning to cloud instances, WordPress has been our platform of choice for many different applications. Freedom from licensing, coupled with a robust collection solid 3rd party plugins, allow for seamless integration and usage at scale, with a custom-tailored approach and front-end design that shines your brand and allows organic optimization and user-centered […]

User Experience Design

It’s all about focusing on the fundamentals and defining user personas and user journeys.There is simply no copy/paste shortcuts available. The same elements of another platform that scores high in UX don’t necessarily work across and are not transferable. We have to pay close attention to the most important source of information, which is the […]

Big Data Visualization

Because we live in a data-driven society, it’s likely that you’re constantly bombarded with complex sets of data that you need to transmit to your coworkers in an easy-to-grasp way

How to Create a Successful Business Pitch

A business pitch is a business plan that you present to your potential investors to secure funding. The pitch helps you explain your business to investors to enable them to make the right decisions